Bangkok Trip Day 3

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tried some chicken noodle for breakfast, noodle seems to be similar to chee chiong fun

Had an omelette too, filled with Cheese, Capsicum, Onion 

And had lovely baked potato with a slice of cheese I geniusly added

Went to their Chinatown in the morning that made you wished you stayed in Bangkok 

Sharon also got some "Purple flower" tea for popo

The side of the street is just lined with more street food

What mom wanted and didn't manage to get: Roasted Chestnut~

I suppose this is their "food court"

YAY we arrived at somewhere I can't read the sign

They have a whole street of gifts like things you can find in Comic Connection? 
Only problem would be they don't speak English so communicating is more complex

Not sure what took them so long to decide on what to buy, in the mean time, I took a selfie

We got a giant coke to beat the scorching heat

Here, they have wholesale shoes but you got to buy 6 of the same model

Not long later, we settled for lunch at this restaurant which is a fusion of Chinese and Thai food

Shark fin soup?!

In the late afternoon, we went for foot massage followed by dinner 

At night, we went to the night train market, though I bought nothing

But it was fun helping Lee Ann source for things to bring into Singapore for her upcoming flea

Finally got a taste of some street food, we had mushrooms, clams, mussels, meat & etc

And a coconut drink

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