Pornsak thai restaurant

Monday, June 03, 2013

Day 2;

Woke up with a bad dream early in the morning today at 9AM. 

Ate some Japanese sponge cake for breakfast and went to music lesson. During lesson, I felt like a stone but as time passes, I gradually became more awake. I helped to change 2 of the sixth string and 1 of the forth string in class today and afterwards ju went for his haircut. He seems so stone in the morning too. 

Afterwards, we went to ten mile junction to eat at Pornsak Thai restaurant with Shunann. The ice tea tasted rather different from the normal ice tea that we usually drink; this containing traces of red bean. My favorite dish is the fish with mango, spicy and delish! Shunann's favorite dish is Kang Kong. 

Overall, it was a delightful meal

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