Bangkok Trip Day 2

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Starting day 2 with hotel breakfast buffet, pancakes was meh

But they got really delicious vegetable soup 

Their train ticket price is based on the number in the circle so it's pretty cheap to travel by BTS

Continuing our walk-a-ton

And did a quick visit to the 4 face buddha temple, just round the corner from Central World

Next we went to Pratunam, if my memory is right

Lots of clothes here, mostly wholesale prices
*Wholesale prices only applicable if you buy 2 pieces or more

We also tried their touristy "must-try" food 

Wanton Mee (?)

In the evening, we met up with Mom's friend

And we went to After You Cafe to eat

Famous shibuya honey toast
\ ( ˇ∆ ˇ ) /

Before dinner meet-up, with Wolverine

First Thai meal in Thailand
Huehuehue~ Phad Thai 

Tom Yum soup

Fried Rice

Fried Sotong

And we got each a coconut 

Light view while we cross the "overhead bridge" to the night market

Good buys (* ω *)
120 baht ≈ 4.799sgd 

Lots of shirts in the night market but finding one that I like is tough
Cause these clothes can also be found in Bugis, obviously imported from Bangkok

Popular keychain souvenirs

Mom bought some as gifts

Lots of street food in the night market too

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