Good morning, June!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Day 1;

Today marks the first day of our 23 days of holiday. I ate Lao Ban for breakfast and went to Shun Ann's house with Ju.

Around 1PM, we went to plaza to eat lunch with my family at Jack's Place. I ordered baked fish with cream sauce which was not bad. But due to the lack of staff, their service was quite poor. Shun Ann waited quite long for his beef and started getting impatient. Hah. 

Afterwards, the three of us headed home to glue ourselves to the computer. Shunann and I watched Mummy 2 & 3 while Ju went to do whatever he was doing. 

For dinner, we ate Ramly Burger and watched some trailers afterwards. Looking forward to watch R.I.P.D though. 

A very tiring day! 

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