Bangkok Trip Day 1

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Early flight from Singapore to Bangkok

Conversion rate:
100 Baht ≈ 4 Sgd

Time difference: 1hr

When we alighted from the airport, we got their tourist-friendly
SIM card which have unlimited data plan for 7 days

Rail Link coin from the airport to the BTS train

Ticket for the BTS

BTS Trains filled with advertisments

Our hotel is at National Stadium, the only English named station I suppose

They got lots of stairs here, so lots of walking too

Our hotel, IBIS hotel, directly below the BTS station

After checking in and all, we headed out to scout the place

We ate at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

Just walking around, I wouldn't know where I am, if not for all the signs


Street Food Market

There's a lot of transport here but buses are said to be the most dangerous since they won't stop for you to alight :O 

Plenty of tuk-tuk too but the air is rather polluted

Found a food van?

We bought coconut to share

From them ^

Next we went to Terminal 21

where I got my 1st Thai Milk Tea in Thailand☺

At Terminal 21, every level is a different country theme

So we went scouting their toilets :|

At the Japan level

With fat-ass samurai

And the London level

Sharon & Mom before going for Dine In The Dark 

Our Main

We had a 4 course meal without sight and the host showed us the images later

Our Dessert

The food was served with utensils but I decided to use my fingers instead since it's the only right way to eat without sight. We ate chef's special which consist of 2 asian and 2 western dishes. 

To end the day, we walked 5 stations back to our hotel while looking at their pasamalums
It took us about 1.5hr ( Tv T )

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