Bandung Trip Day 3

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 3 of the trip, I had 'Matcha Latte'

And 'Wrap Me Up' for breakfast, it was delicious!

Shunann had Hazelnut Créme Brûlée, which had a strong hazelnut taste

And sandwich

Julian had pancake with strawberries

Dad had sweet crepe, and was late to the table (as usual, haha)

Afterwards, we left for Kawah Putih Volcano (Bus area)

It's an extinct volcano so we could enter the crater itself

There was no sulfur smell, as compared to the previous one yesterday




Speculating that minerals caused the water in the crater to turn into this pretty cyan colour

Shunann and I taking a picture of one another

A random blocked cave, wonder what happened


Family photo 

Next, for lunch, we had another of Indonesia's traditional meal

The kitchen where they cook their food

The mat which we sat on was quite dirty, accompanied by flies flying around

Waiting for food while mom orders

The sink was very.. old?

We had a coconut each and it was really sweet and big ☺

Our feast, the food was pretty good though, love the fish!

It's a quiet area with not much people

For the rest of the afternoon, we went to shop and soon after,
we headed to The Stone for dinner

The view for dinner,  sadly it was too cloudy to see the sunset

Taking photos the moment we got here!

The ambiance was spacious and quiet, since we got a relatively private space

Deciding on what to eat

Sharon and Popo

Some window scenery that we had

Jess and Dad

Shunann and Ju (The drunkards) drinking cocktails

The interior of the restaurant at night

Our meals came! Some side dishes ordered

Dad's coffee

Mom's lemon juice, it's very nice

Julian's meal, 'Ox Tail Soup', their specialty

Jess's meal

We were full but mom wanted dessert, haha

Happy boys after the meal

Lastly, our loot for the day! 

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