Bandung Trip Day 2

Friday, July 11, 2014

Woke up early in the morning and took photos around the hotel 

(Actually just outside the hotel room)

Pretty view

Julian came out and took the mandatory shot too

The weather here is very cooling and sometimes windy ☺

The key to Berryline's (Jess and my room)

We went down for breakfast at 07:00AM

There was a wide selection so everyone took awhile to decide

The interior of the Hummingbird cafe

Jess and Ju


Sleepy Ju

The 4 of us had tea, chai tea & mint tea

Dad had coffee

Shunann's 'Full Monty'

My meal, 'Eating Machine'

Ju's 'Matt's Favourite Corn Beef Hash'

Next up, on the way to the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

Apparently, they have street basking here

Road side

More scenery

And we reached!

Not too many people

Happy parents

Apparently, this volcano erupted two years ago

I guess it looks quite different from expected and it was sulphur-smelling

They have many "salesman" around, trying to sell us keychains, magnets, etc

We explored the area, Ju's attempt at preventing lung cancer

Some shops here, though I didn't buy anything

Mom bought some souvenirs 

Afterwards, we went for fish therapy at a local "water theme park"

Ju attracted the most fishes

It felt quite itchy

Checking out Shunann's hand after placing it in the fish therapy!

The well which we dipped our feet in

Hot-spring water, you can see the steam coming out of it (Not in this picture though)

$1 per hour rent for the "tents" ._.

Lots of walking around this place, they even have a flying fox

Leaving the theme park >.>

More of happy parents

Back to our van

Snack time - Brownie bites

For lunch, we ate at Kampung Daun

Selfies while waiting for mom to order, the seats were very comfortable and we sat cross-legged~

The order menu

More burst shot

Family pic with tripod

The food came

All pretty good and spicy

The fruit juices not so great

More of our food


My fish! ☺

The meal was very traditional and gave us a taste of Bandung's food culture!

After we are done eating

Establishing our social status (Hahaha)

For dinner, we went to The Valley which was a hotel restaurant

While waiting for our orders

Some night sceneries

Ju's drink

Shunann's 'Lemonade Surprise'

Jess's 'Orange Juice' and for me, 'Raspberry Smoothie'

Shunann's 'Tournedos Steak Meal'
YUM! 3 different sauces for dipping (Mushroom, curry and tomato)

Jess's 'Teriyaki Eel'

Ju's 'Mixed Grill'

Mine, 'Seafood Platter'
It was really delicious and filling, with the salad, and various seafood.

And some of the food the rest ate~

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