Bandung Trip Day 4

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today is day 4 of our trip, which is also our shopping day!  

Took some photos whilst waiting

And we decided to properly explore the Hummingbird's restaurant!

Love their interesting display in the Hummingbird

Some pretty stained glass

Their wide array of meals and drinks

Today, the three of us decided to order similar breakfast.
For me I had tirimisu drink! 

Notice that their pepper and salt shaker are drink packets

We had savory crepe which was very tasty too

Jess had a variety of bread, cool

Dad's sandwich

Back on the mini van to our next destination!

Shunann met a pretty girl in the shop Is she good enough for him?

Large variety of colours in the shop as I stroll around, nothing much to buy here

Dad and Ju resting their tired legs after a good walk

Like father like son

Picture of Popo right before we leave the shopping centre

Our second shopping area, Polo Ralph Lauren~

My new found mannequin friend

Still did not buy stuff ;(
We walked to the next factory outlet

Got some Neobiotics for a healthy digestive system

Next up was foot reflexology in a very nice looking massage shop, yay

Some deco

Getting our feet washed and scrubbed before going for our feet massage

They seem especially excited.. ._.
The massage was professionally done and was cheap as well!

Soon, we are at our third shopping area, but this time it was an actual mall

We had lunch at the Duck King first

Taking burst shots while waiting for our meal

Roasted duck, SUPER delish~

Some side dishes

Cha Siew Bao

Chee Chong Fun


Xiao Long Bao

Har Gao



And fruits

I don't like watermelons

Happy popo

And happy mom

More desserts, Logan Jelly Pudding

Fried Yam (?)


Really full meal :O

Commencement of our third "shopping spree" of the day

Walked around while filming

And met Shunann and Ju after! 

Mum with her hefty goods

Finally, our last FO, with a huge pile of male clothes. 

We had dinner back at the Hummingbird

Pumpkin soup was not bad, comparing to Soup Spoon

Popo smiles excitedly at the thought of devouring her mushroom soup, haha

Fish & chips for mum

Corn Soup for Shunann

'Roasted chicken' for me, though I wanted Sea Bass but it was sold out

'Steak and Eggs' for Shunann

Sides ordered by Ju, 'Rendang Fries'


More sides, this was tasty too


We were super full, yet again~

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