Bandung Trip Day 1

Monday, June 30, 2014

To the long awaited trip ✈

With Grandma

Sharon, Mom, Jess

Mom & Jess

While we were waiting for the "limo"

Our limo arrived!

In the backseat, as usual!

And we reached the airport!

*claps* (Photobombed by dad!)

Now for our web check-in

Same luggage


Jess & Ju

For lunch; chicken rice

Meh, taste the same as normal chicken rice but $7 ._.

After lunch

Ju and I, colouring

Found some coolios entertainment before we board the plane

Okay, time to go ☛

Our mini plane

My smiley seat 8D who knew

Line up

Plane Selfie

Snack on the plane ☺, made the trip more comfortable!

Oh. Take off! (First time at the window seat)


Viola, in Bandung. Resort-looking airport

Cold weather ✌


Ju & Shunann

A very small airport and we had to wait for our luggage and all

While waiting for dad to buy SIM card (So long~!)

Our ride to the hotel, Humming Bird

Cozy hotel with 8 rooms, and us occupying 4 of them

Dinner: Smoked Salmon Pasta, with apple juice

Shunann's: Rosemary Infused Roasted Chicken

And his Hazelnut milkshake

Jess's: Grilled Salmon Teriyaki

Our candle light dinner

Ju's: Avocado Chicken Schnitzel

And his caramel milkshake

On the other table; Parents, Grandma & Sharon

After dinner, we went to the Factory Outlets near the hotel; Heritage & Cascade

Shopperholic Shunann having a dilemma

Loot for the boys

My loot; 2 pencils (HEHEHE)

Back to the hotel

They gave us cookies and a welcome gift

To end the night, we went to Violet (guys room) to watch movie

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