Art Science Museum: The Deep

Friday, July 24, 2015

The deep exhibition was really an interesting one

The creatures seen are all dead and no where found in normal books or movies 

So they are probably more mystical than minotaurs

And maybe the source of inspiration for alien movies

Invisible sea creature 

Paper thin creature

In general, they all seem to be old, wrinkly and relatively ugly 

It would almost be unbelievable for them to be real

But I'm guessing if any creatures go extinct in the near future, it must be either they didn't taste nice or they were too hard to catch (thus no farming and rearing)

Shunann mind when he accidentally touched preserved water 

At the end, there was a section where you could make your own sea creature or what not, using the materials provided. So this is some kind of 3D vision unicorn hero?

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