Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First time trying yoogane! We went there during non-peak hour, around 2pm, after walking around deciding on what to eat.

The restaurant is set for a minimum of 2 people and we ordered Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice.
They have the chicken and the vegetables inside the pan

With the rice and seasoning on a plate, so that the chef can come over to cook for you. 

With the "luxury" of time while waiting for the chef

We end up taking numerous selfies

While Shunann attempted to cook it himself

Though I stopped him

Our neighbour beside us ordered some seafood item and were afraid that their prawns might have been burnt  :( 

Though it was a good thing that they provided free flow of salad, so we had kimchi and cabbage while waiting

It was apparent that our source of misery came from the 3 girls sitting in the booth beside us, since the chef was there for a really long time :(  

Soon after, someone came over and mixed our pan food but it wasn't long before the person decided to leave again, with our pan (to change it)

We had more kimchis and during our wait, they changed the pan for us again, as "it will be very difficult to cook"

However, despite the wait, we eventually have our food ready! 

I enjoyed the meal 

Together with this brown rice tea

Though, we may not come again anytime soon since the wait was a drag

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