Julian's 15th

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Went to Grand Park to eat buffet today for Julian's birthday 

We were awed at the food presentation and selection - especially the desserts.

Nice place with lot's of privacy

Shunann and I walked around to check out the food first 

Many selection of cheese

Some starters

Salad dressings


Giant cookie - I wasn't sure if this could be taken, or not

Macarons - On fancy diaplay stands

The buffet is from 12:00PM to 02:30PM, I took macarons and chocolates as my appetizers 

I started with a seafood platter; love pretty much everything, esp. the smoked salmon!

Shunann went craycray with the cheese
I think he took every type to try

I don't like this ☹


Shunann's messy meat platter

Mine; Fish/ Beef/ Potatoes

Shunann; More meat/ Vegetable/ Gnocchi

Half way into our meal, we decided to take yogurt (after spotting the yogurt machine)
Ju's yogurt, which he claims look like a snake

Mine, after adding extra toppings, berries and chocolates

I like the seafood here, so I guess I kept going back for more. 

And more..

Shunann and Julian eating

The buffet also had gelato, which was nice. I added a cookie to mine. Hah

Julian, on the other hand, had his "plate of diabetes"

I took some dessert too, more macarons/ carrot cake/ brownie

But still went back for more seafood

And even more seafood, with cheese

Julian and his round 2 of desserts

Some time later...
We tried to mimic the advertisement we saw at the train station: Scallop and I

Oyster and Julian

To end off the buffet, I had some durian and more cake! 


Anyway, we can be twinies 

(Taken by Jess)

Birthday boy 

Ju and Mom

Jess and Dad

On the actual day
Cake from Chocolate Origin

Family Photo

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