Snow City + Science Centre

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The raining season after the drought last week

We went to snow city today, just for fun and probably to relive some childhood. 

Some sneak shots in the freezing weather, it was colder than when I was in Paris

It's a small place inside, but the slide is fun. We had to sit on floats and link our arms when we slide down. One time, I thought that I was going to fly off my float. 

(When I think about it, it's like a déjà vu? We had floats in Adventure cove too)

Anyway, after one hour (or so), we left and bought some food to warm us up. It was really crowded so the tables and seats were limited. 

Next up, Science Centre

We walked over to Science Centre and took some pictures inside

There were a few different sections, like science, technology, sound, etc

Some things are quite cool, and interactive

I didn't get this game but look, I actually won. 

There was a live demonstration here

Experiencing typoon? 

And earthquake, I think

The whole science centre took longer than expected

There were lots of random, weird, intellectual things inside

But outside is just as fun. 

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