Dating in Adventure Cove

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hello Sentosa!

Today, we went to Adventure Cove!  

A place we have been wanting to go for awhile now

It's a good thing that today is still the school term, so just like USS
we pretty much have the place to ourselves

We went to the Adventure River first

Love the sound effect and waves

We ate lunch at The Bay Restaurant

Our food: Meatball spaghetti & fish and chips

No cameras were allowed on rides since you will need both hands on the float.
 Our favourite ride is Riptide Rocket where it really felt like a real roller coaster. The queue, if any, was maximum of around 10 mins

After an hour or two, we finished all the rides so we took a break at the restaurant
Tip// Bring extra towel

Afterwards, we went to the Adventure River again

Tip 2// The floor gets really hot in the afternoon sun so walk around with your slippers!

We (or I) took a lot of photos inside and it's very fun

We also got a chance to snorkel at Rainbow Reef which is a very cool experience

It's really a shame that no cameras were allowed in the rides, though all rides are designed for two people, so we shared a float for most. 

Dolphins! I was really excited to see them 

We left around 3+ and went to have chendol at the Malaysia street

Today was a great day, watch our video in Adventure River!

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