Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wowee, first time at poulet, and we are not sure what to order
I like that the menu is tall, since it gives off a posh ambience,
but what I don't like is that there is so little images inside.

During Paris, I had onion soup before and so, we had onion soup again
It's different compared to the one I had in Paris, though it's nice nevertheless

Shunann had chicken

Yup, looks good!

"Amazing French Roast Chicken"
I guess the chicken is really good since it's moist compared to other's I've tried

For me, I ordered spaghetti. Probably not the best option, (due to portion and flavour) but it's not bad. 

For a first time experience, I don't think that it's as great as the hype? 

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