Popo's Birthday

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grandma's 80th Birthday

She took care of me since a young age, it was pretty surprising one day when I realised how much taller I have became, compared to her. Since I used to be way shorter but now I'm taller. 

Birthday organised by Mom and my cousin

So we arrived early and took photos while waiting for the event to start
 There were some cocktail reception, and I was aiming for all the fried peanuts~

Dad took a picture of the menu

Some photos of the food

Fooled at the first glance, we thought the carrots were salmon haha

The entree? Tried baby octopus, it was a little weird

Anyway, we ate and took pictures till we were all full and then went for a walk outside

Tada, tried some camera effect

Family photo taken by the photographer. 
It was a great day ☺

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