Thursday, February 27, 2014

This is finally the end of FYP.

For my final year project, I chose MAKAN EXPERIENCE as I thought that it would be something that is relatable and associated with on a daily basis. This project is a collaboration with NEA, about Hawker Centres. My project started with an essay that I wrote: Food as Bragging Rights

After 4 long months, this is by far my best project done, with the least amount of sleep,
this is what I have come up with, a campaign called #mymakanspot

// The gist of this project //
This campaign makes use of anamorphic illusions to enhance the photo-taking experience within hawker centres so that youths will be enticed to upload images of hawker food to social media with the hashtag “#mymakanspot”. With the participation of youths in the online publicity of hawker centres, hawker centres will gain a stronger online presence, transforming them to up-to-date dining venues.

Youths can receive bragging rights from uploading these images as it is a new experience. They will be seen as trendsetters in their respective social circles, enticing others to go to hawker centres. This will help hawker centres become more trendy as an option for social dining among youths.

During this project, the second half of the road was extremely tough, with me going back to the drawing board again and again. Life revolved around waking up-schooling-eating-staying up-sleeping

Thank you friend for accompanying me,
glad that I was able to complete it cause design is tough.

I look forward to graduation and then another round of design

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