It's a DATE!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I just love spending time with Shunann :>

Our usual date consist of us going to a place that we like. 
For today, we went to LENAS at JEM. We came here once before sometime ago. 

It's rather empty cause it's a weekday and not really lunch hour yet
Just a note: You can check what promotions they have on that day before going cause everyday's different

Some photos while we wait for our food (Jolyn's pretty!)

And Shunann got he's first, which is chicken

For me, it's fish. 

This place is exceptionally good at making sauces, probably the best I've tried. The black pepper sauce and cream cheese (?) is really yummy. 

Anyway, after our meal, we will usually walk around and perhaps buy a drink, like milk tea~
Right, it's also our 5½ years anniversary ♥

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