Shabu Sai

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Now that I'm spending wednesdays and fridays with Shunann, those days seem to be more fun

We went for shabu shabu at woodlands, causeway point.

We went in at 1130 and there is a time limit of 70 mins

We got tomato soup and spicy soup. 

There is some selection of vegetables, noodles, fishballs etc, from the 'buffet table'
They have a number of sauce too but we didn't really use them

I quite like the noodles with the soup, cause it's very soft

The meat have to be ordered from the waitress
We tried all three, chicken, pork and beef and I like the chicken best.

I think we both prefer the spicy soup more, since the tomato soup became quite thick after a while

Though both soup were quite oily after a few rounds of meat. I think that the place is okay, the space is quite private and there were not many people when we went in for an early lunch. 

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