Jess 21st

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today is Jess 21st Birthday Celebration, which is about a week before her actual date. After some discussion, it was decided to be celebrated at the reflective pool of our house. She also decided to cater food for that day, which consist of sushis, pineapple rice, fish, vegetables, chicken, etc. Mom added in satay which is probably my favorite dish of the meal, although Jess do not eat satay.

This is how the view looks like. Though I wonder what is actually on top of that hill.

Mom did the most work today, pretty much everything. Ju is unfortunately sick. 

Jess decided to have a cookie for her birthday, which tasted good. Though everyone only got a small piece. 

Her friends also made her a mini game which she need to figure out before actually receiving her present. I thought that it was quite sweet and thoughtful of them. 

Group shot - Uni friends

Another one - Poly friends

I didn't manage to take the rest since I can't really take photos at night. But the food was quite good today. I think that I should have a chalet for my 21st. 

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