Lunch with grandma

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Had been quite a while since we ate with my paternal grandma so last Sunday, we went seafood paradise to have a meal.

First, we had prawns. 

And then some fried vegetables I suppose. 

Some steam vegetables which are really soft and easy to chew. 

Noodles! Around this dish, I was quite full already. 

We also had Tofu which was still bubbling hot when it arrived. 

Finally, it's the popular chilli crab. 

And we also tried the steamed wine crab too. 

I took the claw since it's the meatest. Haha. And 3 other parts of the crabs later on. But my hands were too full to take a picture. Both were quite good though. 

Lastly, mango dessert! 

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