Birthday Buffet

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Today, my parents brought us to eat at BRIO's to celebrate my 19th birthday. We ate here once before and it was a great experience to come back again.

When I entered the buffet area, the first thing that caught my eye is the dessert section!

There were also many different selection of breads. 

And I also checked out the seafood section before heading back to our table. 

First up, I went for mushroom soup with added croutons. It was slightly saltier than expected. 

These are my three favourite sushi that is a must have whenever  I go for buffets - egg, crabstick, shrimp. 

I usually don't take desserts in between my meals but I really wanted to take this piece of brownie and macaron before it was gone. Since there were only 3 pieces of macarons. 

I really love eating popiah, and it's one of my favourite chinese food. Here, it's handmade on the spot and they come in cute sizes. On this plate, I also took a wanton, a ca siu pau and a piece of yam cake. 

The salmon sashimi is also prepared on the spot, which makes the whole dining experience amazing as it is very personal, compared to the other buffets where I've been to and you need to serve yourself. 

I took peppermint tea.  

At a corner, I saw this mini steamed cakes that I haven't eaten for a very long time.

I love the crayfish that is served here and I eventually went back for more. It's one of my favourite dish from this entire buffet. 

For desserts, I also took 2 of this (which I cannot recall what they are called). Anyway, the chocolate one was very good compared to the other which is green tea. 

We shared some mua chi, another snack that I haven't eaten for many years. 

In this bowl, I took three different salad. The one that I liked best would be potato salad. 

The beef burger is another tasty dish, I paired it with "cheese fries" and some greens. 

Their drink selection are rather similar to many other buffets which are dispensed from the machine. I had latte. 

Something that my mom really liked, durian dessert. I think I took about 3 more of this. 

Back for some more food, I had omelette, keropok, ha gao and wrapped chicken. 

To end of this filling meal, I made a bowl of strawberry and grapes, lightly drizzled in chocolate sauce. 

Lastly, a photo of me taken by Jess. 

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