Beijing Trip Day 2

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Since we arrived 6 hours late, we arrived at 6AM;

Ju looking meh since we're all tired. 

After getting out of the airport, mom found our tour guide and we headed for our bus. 

From inside of the bus, everything looks so hazy and it was even drizzling a little. 

Upon arriving at our hotel, I was greeted by this lovely rose!

After getting our room keys, we headed to the rooms and this is my bed for the trip. 

Sadly, the breakfast was only so-so and I couldn't really decide on what to eat either. So firstly, I took some porridge with peanuts, cucumber and salted egg. Next I went for the pancakes section and decided to try all four. After eating, I was already quite full but I decided to try some other food, which is the pau, the cake, and the sausages. 

We headed off to the first venue in our itinerary; Heaven Temple.

Parents taking tourist photos~

And after walking down from the temple.

Took a pic with Ju and Jess.

We then followed the tour guide to our next destination and I snap some photos along the way. 

Love this building, looks victorian

Another street photo

I took a photo of this cute boy from the same tour group, Josiah!

Anyway, we arrived at Tian An Men Square

And it's so big, and they got so much land.

After entering; 

Took a photo of dad taking a photo.

Photo of inside the emperor's room.

And inside the concubine chamber!

Photo of Ju and I.

And a photo of Josiah again.

Some street graffiti.

And they have quite a number of statues around the streets.

Really quite cute right? 

While walking, I saw this. Not too sure what this is but I wanted to try it! 

Some food photos from dinner; meat.

Fish with lots of bones.

Tofu dish. I like this one.

Sweet and sour pork, this is quite good too. I love onions.

Noodles. Yup, like this too.

And lastly, I saw them selling this, scorpions! No, I didn't try it too.

Had an extremely long day.

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