Beijing Trip Day 1

Friday, August 23, 2013

On the 6th of August, my family and I went to Beijing;

After school, I ate lunch with Shunann and headed home to prepare for the trip. Took a blury photo while waiting for my parents to load the luggages into the taxi. 

After arriving at the airport, we went to check our flight information. We arrived super early. 

Me and ju outside the cosmetic shop.

Next, we went to Starbuck to snack a little before going up the plane. Jess, ju and I shared these. 

Dinner on the plane! Beef with potato and carrots with long beans. The beef tasted really good and I ate it with my bun. I really like eating on planes.

Here's a photo of Jess and I while we eat our dinner. 

They also served us ice cream but it's so-so though I shouldn't have eaten it cause I became too full afterwards. 

My special apple. 

Because I assumed that this flight would be the same as my Paris flight and I thought that they had apples too. So I asked the air stewardess for an apple and she gave one to me even though it's only for business class 

Due to the bad weather, we are suddenly flying to Seoul! Too bad we couldn't get off to buy stuff.

While waiting for the plane to refuel and all, I was served milo! 

And finally after a delay of 6 hours, we reached Beijing! 

I was really tired since we didn't really get to sleep well while being stuck inside the plane. 

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