Beijing Trip Day 3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woke up early in the morning;

Breakfast to start the day, cucumber and peanut, pancake and some weird vegetable. 

Anyway, this is the bus that we're taking for the whole trip.

On the bus, I took some photos of the scenery cause the journey to the great wall is very long. 

Before entering, I took a paranormal shot.

Some photos from the Great Wall of China.

Another paranormal shot while climbing it. 

They have the "lock bridge" here too, I remember seeing one in Paris.

Anyway, we were quite adventurous and went up this which was quite difficult to climb up! And it smelled quite weird too. 

A photo of Jess, Ju and I

I happen to take yet another paranormal shot but it's because the great wall is too big to fit into a normal shot.

I was surprise to see my parents since the three of us didn't wait for them, haha.

Anyway, last photo at the great wall of china, Ju and I taken by Jess.

Afterwards, it was lunch. I managed to sneak a photo in before people started grabbing the food.

During lunch, we were also offered this, 56% alcohol drink! It is said that they like to drink this during winter time. But even though we are not having winter, we decided to try a shot of it too. The taste is quite indescribable; warm, strange, interesting? 

After lunch, I went to play with Josiah for a while and he took a selfie. 

I think that I have not mention it yet but this is my favorite candy of the whole trip that my sis bought.

Dinner that day was meh. Cause the peking duck was disappointing. 

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