Art Science Museum: Dreamworks Animation

Friday, July 24, 2015

First time to Art Science Museum

We got the combo tickets to all 3 exhibition

We begin with Dreamworks Animation

It was filled with sketches


And action figurines

There were interactive touch screens

To control the character's facial expression

Do they look alike? 

We can adjust the waves too

One of my favourite part of the exhibition is this short panorama film that really makes you feel as if you are getting a dragon's eye view 

And it was really comfortable inside as we could lie down on giant beanbags

More sculptures 

Kind of like show flats but you wont be able to buy any

Animated storyboard where the guy "presents" the story

The exhibition includes many short videos and other interactive activities

They also displayed their orchestra song book

Took us about 1-2 hours to complete before going for lunch

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