20th Birthday

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Went to Onion Restaurant Seasonal Salad Bar on the actual day of my birthday

It's quite a place so there is not a lot of people

Took lot's of selfies today 

We had free flow of salad

And a main

My salad plate, I took egg/tuna/crabstick/papaya/ham/chicken salads

The main's was not a big portion so we had stomach room for more salads

After eating, we also got ice cream

Julian and I decorated our icecream, mine had the 'toppings' at the bottom so that I could actually scoop them with my ice cream when eating #genius

Mom and her ice cream cone

I also too latte and milk coffee

The jasmine green tea was nice too

After eating, we walked around the place

Selfie with this cool bear 8D 

Later at night, we took some family photos

◊◊◊ And my cake ◊◊◊

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