Celebratory Prelude

Friday, September 05, 2014

Dates prelude to an awesome weekend

THURSDAY: Dinner with dad at Conman

It's a new Vietnam stall that just opened at Raffles City

We had a really small table to dine at

Dad ordered coconut and I got lemongrass

For my main, I ordered the this, mainly for it's pretty bowl. 

Dad got a soup dish with rice inside

I like mine cause there is lot's of different ingredients in it. 

We had sides which were rather tough but it's not bad

The legendary broken rice, they are short and fat

Our table have 3 different type of sauces, which I tried all, though none of them were sweet. 
The food here is nice and the portion is just right -small- for us.

 FRIDAY: Cafehopping with Julian

A day exploring with Julian at Tiong Bahru, and we went to Open Door Policy for some food.

The staffs here are friendly~

And they have nice interior too 

Julian ordered Peppermint Tea

And I got Hot Chocolate

We had an appetizer to share that was better than expected, probably one of a kind

Afterwards, we walked around and visited the various shops around. 

First stop!


They have rather cool things here, like the typewritten poems

And there was a book where you could pay any amount wanted

Some very antique books

And two cats

Or three, counting him

We also headed to Strangelets

And Woods in The Books

They have some cool paintings inside, but no photography is allowed!

SATURDAY: Lunch with Shunann

At our usual place; Lenas~

I am always going back to the same dish
Dory fish with Black Pepper sauce and potato for the side

While shunann's having chicken! 

- End of prelude -

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