Momiji Japanese Buffet

Sunday, August 10, 2014

We had buffet lunch at Momiji to celebrate dad's early birthday

The drink counter - a larger selection as compared to other buffet

We are probably the first to reach hah

And had time to prepare this ^
( Julian was the food presenter so he chose the dishes and arranged it )

Some unique and interesting dishes


And more variety of salmons

Cook-to-order food

The 'cooked food section'

Some chinese dishes? 

Trala; my first plate, along with my oscar signage

A random chopstick "holder" I folded

But Julian had to follow suit to show that his was better

And Shunann did a design of his own too, gawd!

The dessert section was not bad, no macarons though

Enjoying my feast

Seafood Chawanmushi

Temaki Sushi, that I still can't figure out on how to eat it right :/

Some hotplate that Julian and Shunann ordered, Julian's beef with enokitake

I have no idea what I was eating, all I got from them was that it was beef

Waited for it to cook, it contains beef, onion, capsicum, and black pepper sauce

Shunann got the cool one, cause there was soup. I wanted soup.

Mom attacking the chocolate fondue

And ice cream

I took Macha and Dark Chocolate, and went for seconds later

Shunann and Julian

Pink and green mochis

- Distracted by a Japanese figurine -

Back for more food

And scallops! 

The chefs that helps to cook our food

Parents and Shunann

Found another figurine

After the filling meal

On our way out of the restaurant

Attractive vases

Model Julian

Model Shunann

Model them 

Model us? 

The buffet overall serves good food, only downside would be their ambience and service

Our oscar names yeey

Birthday dad and Queen

Family photo!

 On the Actual Day 

We had dinner at TCC, sadly, Shunann is in Tekong

Famished Julian and I ordered appetizers, he's had Clam soup

And mine was Pumpkin and Pear soup

Notice him dancing in my photo

For drinks, he got Creme Brulee Freeze

And I got Litchi Raspberry Duet

Our cute curvy glasses

Jess had salad

Julian's main was Egg Drop Spaghetti Bolognese

And mine was Seafood Aglio Olio
Luckily it wasn't too spicy! It was really good though

Parents ordered some sides

Family picture taken by the lovely waiter


Side No.1 Mini Mushroom Pie? 

Side No. 2 Meat Ball with Mustard

Dad's Green Tea with Red Bean cake! 


And another family pic by the waiter!
Hope you had a great birthday! 

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