Malacca Trip Day 1

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finally get to go on a trip with Shunann and my family to Malacca

Shunann and I sat at the back of the MPV (best seats)

During toilet break

Shunann and I - Selfie

For breakfast, we ate Dim Sum at De Ocean Restaurant

Afterwards, we went to put our stuff into the hotel and left for shopping

Found this graffiti wall - Shunann's ootd

Ju & Shuann 

Walked past a humorous sign

While waiting at the traffic light

Some scenery as we carried on

Ju on the train

Trishaws that we took the previous time in Malacca

Me and Shunann

Next, we headed to the Historical Museum

Me and a guard

The front of Istana Kesultanan Melaka - It was a good place to hide ourselves away from the sun

Later that day, we went to the shopping centre and had Starbacks

Shunann's model pose

For lunch, we ate at Nadeje Cake House - Our drink 

I ordered spaghetti bolognese which was very good

Took more photos as we headed to San Shu Gong

More tourist shots

Ju and Mom

Mom and Dad

Thought that this man was quite interesting, he is selling kites

We reached San Shu Going to eat Chengdoh 

Group shot

We headed for Jonker Street in the evening

People were setting up their stalls 

We bought PomPia

Pineapple Tarts and other food souvenirs 

For dinner, we went to Eleven Bistro for Portuguese food

Appetizer - Mango with anchovies

Jess's Virgin Margarita, somehow I did not have photos our other drinks

Our dinner - A little too salty

We finish trotting through Jonker Street and headed back to the hotel around 10PM and watch Harry Potter on the television.

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