Beijing Trip Day 6

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Day of Beijing

Today will be the last day of our Bei Jing Trip before I return back to Singapore and back to school. It's strange how only the last day is warm and humid. 

On the last day of our trip, we went to the Historical Culture Festival to visit a feng shui building, which was a relative waste of time. 

I took some pictures of buildings while trotting the street. 

They have many labels such as Sephora, Zara, Uniqlo and others. 

Look at how hazy it is.

Anyway, while we walked, we pass by a local bakery; which we end up buying from later! 

Afterwards, we also went to buy milktea! 

Inside the cafe, it was decorated with pretty post it notes on the wall! A very fun decoration. 

Our drinks came and I shared milk tea with Ju!

Ju on the swing. 

For lunch! We ate our last meal as a tour group and some of them headed off to the airport afterwards. 

As for us, we loitered around the lobby while my mom chatted with her friend who gave us this cake from Paris Baguette for my dad's birthday. I tasted nice. 

Finally it was dinner, which was also the best meal yet of the entire trip since we ate as a family and mom ordered food that we love! First, it was pancake. 

Next, was the peking duck that was amazing! They had 3 ways of eating it which would be either the meat only, the skin only or both. Their peking duck was also slightly different with additional vegetables and sweet sauce. 

Pumpkin croquette, I love this. 

Vegetable dumplings

And finally, meat bun. I was quite full and we headed for the airport.

Our flight is a midnight flight so, we actually arrived quite early. 

While browsing the shops, this guy look interesting. 

Mom and dad with the giant statue inside the airport.

And because we arrived so early; we went to eat Haagen Dazs ice cream. I tried tiramisu, not my favourite flavour though.

But apparently, our flight delayed, by quite a bit. Me and Ju went to the playground while waiting. And my eyes were already closing!

People fast asleep. 

Finally, we got to go in. 

Look at them walking fast ahead. 

Before entering the plane, we went given sandwiches. A pity I was too full to eat it. 

There was a packet of peanut too. I fell asleep almost immediately after getting seated and was pretty much undisturbed all the way till breakfast time.

I love my breakfast! They tasted really good. 

While approaching Singapore.

I have to say, the service on this flight was the best yet, the crew was very helpful and thoughtful, they even came around refilling our drinks! 

We arrived at Singapore ad I was late for class. Nevertheless, I still went to class, looking quite horrid. It was a great trip and I had loads of fun. More photos can be seen on here.

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