Beijing Trip Day 5

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I was actually looking forward to today since we will be going to the Capital Museum so I thought that I could maybe see some cool stuff. 

When I entered the building, I was amazed as I love how they made the interior, the walls are literally slanted to one side that it feels as if you are walking down a giant slide since we started exploring from top down. 

After entering, I took some photos inside, which showcases mainly jades, paintings and artefacts. 

Here is a Koi jade sculpture, I like the colours on it. 

On another level, we saw Iron daggers which were really cool since it shows the type of weapons people used in the past. 

There were many Urns displayed inside too, though I'm not sure what is the purpose of it. 

Going to another level, it showcases paintings and calligraphy. 

We were not given much time inside the museum since we are on a tour package but overall, it was an enjoyable experience since I got to see some interesting things despite not really understanding it. 

Heading out, this is the exterior of the building.

During our journey to the next destination, we drove past the "Bird nest"

And the "Dragon building", they are iconic buildings in Bei Jing due to the unique form.  

During dinner, we celebrated my dad's birthday that was kept as a surprise to him; until my sis spilled the beans. Anyway, Josiah decided to take a photo with them too. 

The cake that came was a really huge fruit cake that is probably 30cm. 

Lastly, I hope that this would be one of the most memorable birthday for my dad since he's birthday song was sung in seven different languages. 

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