Monday, June 08, 2015

Zoo Day! Been waiting for a long while to visit the animals

We decided to walk into the zoo, which was a pretty bad idea since the road decides to narrow itself

Happy faces

I practically have no memory of the zoo, everything is so amusing

A really emo monkey

Has a cute face

The polar bear was swimming in circles, we won't know if it one day become psychotic due to the years of loneliness :|

Went into the aircon exhibit to cool down from the heat

Muddy rhinos


Pumbaa from Lion King

Lion King 

We reached the Barn area

And started feeding the goats 

The Billy Goat would push the others away for the leaf 

The littlest one

Next up, the many types of snakes

It's hiding 

The skeleton and skin of a once alive snake

Another hiding animal - the frog

Cute pudgy monkey 

We had a heart attack here cause the bucket of water splashed directly in front of us
Two steps forward and we would have been drenched

Fun Fact: Temperature of the water affects the gender of the crocodile eggs

More monkeys

An escapee?! 

Feeding time for the white tiger

Superb gorgeous cheetah 



This could totally pass off as a cross between a panda and a pig? Right?

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