Staycation @ Amara Hotel

Saturday, December 27, 2014

First staycation together!  :B

We left house relatively early today and were greeted by cute reindeers 

Love the festive decorations ♡♡

While waiting to check in, Shunann attempts to play the piano

For lunch, we had Isreali food at the shopping centre beside the hotel

Cray Ju and Shunann with sugar on their ear

I had Sabich which consist of Eggplants, Boiled Eggs, Humus, 
Tahini, Pita Bread and Mediterranean Salad

And Shunann's had Beef instead of Eggplants

I also got Latte
The meal was rather interesting but I liked it 

Later that day after walking around the mall and back to the hotel and back to the mall again, 
we had matcha drink with ice cream

We sat at the counter that had mini pandas but that didn't make up for the bland tasting matcha :/

In the evening, we cabbed to Queenstown to attend a wedding!

♥ Bride & Groom ♥

Here Shunann had a very happy reunion with his friends

The food was buffet style, quite spicy but it was delish

In the night, we headed to Satay By The Bay for Satays aka Supper

It tasted awesome

Before we end the night, we watched the highly noted movie: The Interview

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