Sunday, June 08, 2014

Shunann and I are graduating from Singapore Polytechnic already

Our ceremony are on different days but we went for each others, in our robes

It's a good thing that we are in the same poly, where I could be friends with his friends too

I enjoyed eating lunches together and going to school and back home together

Family photo!

Shunann's graduation was earlier than mine and we were late for his, woops

We waited at the auditorium for his to end

And took photos

Mom and Ju

After that, we went to look for his friends
Royston & Shunann

Shunann & You Xun

Shunann & Wanie


While trying to take a group shot

Shunann & Faris

Shunann & Jia Sheng

Shunann's family photo

Shunann & Ricky

While taking the "photobooth"

This is Shunann on the graduation stage *claps*

Next, it's my graduation 

We were all on time

Me & Jess

Leonda & I

Me & Mui Ping

Background & I 

Quite lucky that everyone gets to come in to the convention centre :>

Shunann came down to take photo of me and my friends

Jac, Jolin & I

While receiving my cert on the stage

Afterwards, we took photos with our dolls given by mom

After the event, it was very warm

We took some photos inside the convention centre

Family photo

Shunann, Ju and mom

Outside, we took some photos too

It was too bright and warm

Saw phulwin

And one more family photo before we left 

Bonus: Julian wearing the robe

Bonus 2: Parents wearing the robe

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