Furama RiverFront

Friday, June 13, 2014

Went for buffet at Furama Riverfront, first thing that I saw: Chalkboard painted labels

A usual, salad, though I don't usually take them

But they look quite good

Went for the seafood! Mountain heap of prawns, that I did not take - to avoid the peeling process


Boys in checkered

Shunann's first plate - meat meat meat meat meat

Mine - seafood platter

Shunann already started eating

Went for more food, took the gratin, yum

Mash potato 


And fish

Shunann's more meat - steak

Afterwards, we found the coffee machine, the common mandatory buffet machine

I took latte

Shunann's powers are revealing

Julian later retired from buffet and was glued to his ipod

I'm a buffet tour guide

Away from the normal food, the dessert looks pretty

Apple crumble


Not a fan of cream cakes, didnt try them

Took some pics while our main course digest

Parents attacking the dessert? 

Banana cake, delish~

Shunann has more stomach space

I took some cheese

And made cheesewich

The exterior view of the hotel

And people enjoying the buffet, we got a good seat though

Plates area - pretty in pink

Another pic of mom, just before we left

Flowers deco

Spotted this grille while walking out

Jess prefer this buffet as compared to Grand Park but I think we would vote for the latter.
The ambience is undeniable

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