Shunann's 19th

Saturday, November 09, 2013

  Shunann & me  

Happy Birthday Friend! 

We went to Chilli's at JCube to celebrate Shunann's pre-birthday on Friday night. Birthday treat means the birthday boy gives a treat so, good for me, Shunann is treating me to dinner. 

Candid shot of Shunann when the food came. I ordered Cajun Chicken Sandwich and Shunann ordered Triple Smoked Burger. 

Mandatory food picture

  Shunann & my Family  

On the actual day of Shunann's Birthday. 

Shunann came over first before going to Orchard together. 

Shunann's and Julian's model shot. They are so spontaneous. 

We went to Aston's Steak & Salad at The CentrePoint

I decided to be the photographer of the day, and so, my loving parents

There was salad buffet, here is some soups that tasted great. My favourite is the corn soup.

There was some vegetables and finger food, some of which that I like are, baked onion, mushrooms, and onion rings, etc.

They also have a really cool cheese in a display cabinet that can be taken. 

Mom and Ju with Smoky Baby Back Ribs and New York Strip.

Shunann also had New York Strip, with black pepper sauce. 

Another picture of my parents while we waited for the food to arrive. 

For me, I had Grilled Salmon Fillet (Medium Well)

Here is the fruits section. 

And my ice cream, soft serve with raisin and strawberry sauce. 

The exterior of Aston's

After lunch, we walked around and here is Julian's model shot. 

When we went back home, I took a nap. And afterwards, this is Shunann's surprise cake! Raspberry Chocolate Romance. 

  Shunann & his Family  

In the evening, we went out with Shunann's family. 

Shunann had 2 cakes this year. This one is Mango Cheesecake. 

Shunann cutting cake with his grandma. 

My slice of cake. Yay, I got the macaron.

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