Old Town White Coffee

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Went to old town for dinner. Due to the lack of seats, genius mom decided that we sit on 2 tables. So Julian, Shunann and I shared a table. The food took quite a while to come.

Below is their photogenic shot

I ordered Asam Laksa, woop~

My favourite kind of noodles

And nasi lemak with squid~

· · · Update · · ·

Since we frequent the place so often, I might have tried the whole menu already

On most occasions, I will eat their penang laska (even though the portion gets lesser everytime) 

Sometimes, I'd have other noodles, which are nice too 

Except for the tom yam noodle, which is too pungent

For drinks, we will have milk tea, coffee or honey lemon

On rare occasions, there would be desserts

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