Ice Skating

Monday, September 02, 2013

Shunann went with me to "work" today. Afterwards, we went to jcube to ice skate. But before that, we went to eat at Capricciosa with my sis and I ordered Granchio. Granchio is a pasta with crab meat and sauteed garlic in tomato cream sauce. 

It felt extremely long while I waited for my pasta but it was worth it. After lunch, we went to skate. It is shunann's first time ice skating and I tried to teach him to basics even though I can't really skate too.

We did some practice "skates" along the edge of the rink and my sis helped to snap a photo.

It was physically tiring and we decided to leave as our feet are hurting. Turns out Shunann had 2 big blisters on his feet.

Later in the evening, we decided to have ice cream at Gelateria Italia and we ordered Bailey, Tiramisu and Green Tea.

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