Still hazy

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 22;

Met Shunann today despite the hazy morning. Dad managed to buy the n95 mask for all of us and I wore it on my way to his house. 

Upon reaching, I immediately removed the stuffy mask cause it became so warm due to my breathing. Afterwards, Shunann and I wore scarfs instead. 

His dad drove us all to plaza for lunch. But before that, Shunann had to go for his dental check up. I waited outside before going with him to eat lunch with his family. We ate Korean hot plate. 

In the noon, we watched rush hour 2 and 3, very funny as usual. 

Just as we finish both the movies, it was time for dinner and we had homemade salad again. 

And some awesome new sauces for our salad. 

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