More X men

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Day 8;

Oh wow, a week have already ended! Today we stayed home the whole day to finish up 3 other X men movies. After the movie, Shunann told me about some of the future stories of the Xmen and that makes me want to read the comic books too. 

Anyway, for lunch, mom bought back Japanese bento for us. And for dinner Shunann and I cooked pancakes. This time we had more toppings to go with our pancakes. Cheese pancake tasted quite good. 

On a side note, cooking pancakes is like dating. Where 2 people come together and try their best at building something. But if 2 people have different values, they may end up quarreling, causing the pancake to fail. However, if they do it well together, they will enjoy nice pancakes. 

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