Botanic Gardens + Labrador Park

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Rise and shine to the early couple

Since weekends are always as early as 6AM

We made our way to Botanic Gardens on Saturday for breakfast, reaching at 8AM (sharp)

Shunann's House work from Food for Thoughts

Enjoying the early morning stroll + fresh air

Listening to my never-ending weekly updates

Along with selfies so many that they might actually be wedding photos

Yes, we are very touristy

& Nandos for lunch :B

On Sunday, we went to Labrador Park

Lovely day with not a lot of people ☀

Wasn't as convenient to get there since it's our first time

Long way in before we reach

It was a pretty interesting walk

Cause maybe, I have a thing for statues

But it's pretty~

"Typical fisherman"


(I wasn't lying: Meeting Shunann just as the day is starting)

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