Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 16;

Two weeks of the holiday gone, one week remaining. 

Today is Father's Day. Many thanks to my dad for always giving me anything and everything that I need or want. This is him with the iPad we bought for him. 

Before music lesson in the morning, we went to mos burger for breakfast. 

Ju ordered plain waffles and I ordered omelette ham waffle set. 

The selection was quite little and the service was rather poor. 

Overall, the waffles smelled fragrant when they arrived at the table though I'd like my waffles to be more crispy compared to the one that I received which was slightly soggy. 

But for the design aspect, I'd prefer if they did not serve my waffles in a paper wrapper, though I know that it's somewhat their unique packaging. 

It's really not practical, since the food came warm, which is a good thing, but I can't hold my food without getting the feeling that I'm being burnt. 

Anyway, Shunann met me at lot one after my lesson to eat lunch with my family for Father's Day. Mom chose pastamania and I ordered basil chicken pasta. 

Lot one's branch is way better than the one at yew tee, service, food and portion wise. Enjoyed my meal with my favorite side dish which is the cheese sticks. For drinks, I ordered mocha freeze. 

In the afternoon, Shunann and I watched riddick pitch black and the chronicles of riddick. Love the actor, Vin Diesel. 

The movie is interesting and Riddick is like a superhero. Sort of. I'm quite interested in the next Riddick movie coming out though. Hope it's good. 

For dinner today, we spent more family time, and ate salad for dinner. I helped to prepare dinner with my sis and my mom. 

Before shunann went home, we had a good and long chatting session. Super exited for tomorrow. 

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