Class outing

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 14;

Shunann came over in the morning today and we headed to cineleisure to meet the rest for lunch. 

We had lunch at eighteen chef and I ordered student meal. The meal was not too bad though I wanted to order cheese fries too as it was really good. Too bad we didn't. 

The student meal offers a small selection of food but it was affordable. I really liked the iced lemon tea since I was expecting the can kind. But I'm glad that its the homemade kind. As for the ice cream, it's the normal cream kind so nothing fancy.

Afterwards, we went to watch Man of Steel. It's quite good, I like that they provided a lot of background information like how he controlled his powers and why krypton is his weakness. The movie is around 2.5 hours and sitting nearer the speaker makes the movie experience extremely loud. 

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